Lambert Microturbines  

...the home of the Kolibri...

Here you will find a few photographs that we shot ourselves with the time or that were handed over to us by some of our friends.


...Package contents...


...and everything fits in two hands!


That’s how the fuel line plumbing is to be done.


The mold for parts like this rips big holes into the wallet...


And that’s how it all started. Flights no. 2 and 3 at the JetPower 2005. The spectators almost wouldn’t believe it! For a video clip, check this.


Villesse Jet Meeting in spring 2006. Four days of fun with our friends from Italy. In between the TwinJet received some paint and at the time the photo was taken, it had about 100 flights on it...

Now we’ll show a few models that would be exceptionally well suited for being equipped with a Kolibri. Some af them are already flying with this turbine engine.


The small Airworld F9F Cougar


...engine compartment...


F-20 by HET. This one will probably be extremely fast when equipped with the Kolibri! For a video clip, check this.


Skyray by HET. Probably much more relaxing.


Sniper by HET. Even with an EDF it is a rocket.



The Protech F-15, previously equipped with an IC engine, now driven by a Kolibri.


And here’s the proud Pilot.


A few photos of the JetPower 2006 follow


No, that’s not the most ugly booth at the fair... But on the other hand we almost didn’t have any time at all for preparation.


Our buddy Tobi “fitting in” his toys. At least it would be less difficult with a gold-plated turbine to explain the girl at home why the latest toy was sooo expensive...


At the booth of “Frank Turbinen”, the “genleman’s turbine” by Robert Sturzkopf was on display. We immediately decided to christen the gold-plated Kolibri the “Ladies’ Turbine” ;-)


“Aren’t we all a little mad?” Well, well, this one was meant as a joke for the fair, but unfortunately we weren’t able to fly it due to technical problems. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll fly this TwinStar some time in future, even if after this, the engines will be removed for other projects.


Most of the time our booth was very cowded. It took quite a while until I could take this photo!


Our friends Bertrand and Francois from France also just love to fly their TwinJets.


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