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The Kolibri is a real miniature gas turbine engine that operates on the same principles as the big paradigms. It suits exceptionally well for powering scale jet aircraft models of extremely small size and low weight.

Technical Specifications:
Thrust: 15N (1.5kp) at 243,000 RPM
Weight (engine alone): 200g
System weight incl. accessories and fuel for 8 minutes flight duration: ca. 750g
Dimensions: 55mm diameter, 125mm length
RPM: 95,000 to 243,000
Residual thrust at idle: ca. 2N (0.2kp)
Fuels: kerosene, JetA1, paraffine, each blended with 5% Aeroshell 500
Consumption at full power: ca. 65ml/min
Exhaust gas temperature at full power: ca. 680°C
Pressure ratio: 2.2
Air mass flow: 0.05kg/s
Exhaust gas velocity: ca. 330m/s
Starting: semi-automatic with external blower and LPG for combutor pre-heat
Control system: FADEC with RPM and EGT supervision
Fuel System: electric gear type pump and vaporizing combustor

Package Contents:
T32 Kolibri Turbine engine with RPM and EGT sensors and engine mount
Fuel pump with wiring harness
Fuel solenoid valve
Manually controlled gas valve
NIMH accu with 6 or 7 cells 350 -1000 mAh or LiPo with 2 cells 800mAh
Check valve for LPG
Quick release connectors for fuel and LPG
Tubing 3 and 4mm diameter
Fuel filter
Electronic engine control device (FADEC)
Hand data terminal
Startup blower 12VDC (car battery or lead-gel-accu)

2499€ incl. 19% VAT plus shipping
2100€ excl. VAT (export) plus shipping

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